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bourbonstreet-small Johnson Property Solutions is a Real Estate solutions company serving the greater New Orleans Metro area and surrounding parishes. We buy and sell, provide investment opportunities, and state certified Residential Real Estate Appraisal services. Our over 20 years of appraisal experience gives us unique insight into the local Real Estate market and trends.

Johnson Property Solutions began a decade ago as a small real estate appraisal firm and still provides valuation services throughout the New Orleans and Lafayette markets. Building on our strong base of real estate knowledge and experience in residential construction and repair, branching out into property rehab was a natural step. The company formed a separate division in 2003 to exclusively pursue the purchase of REO and distressed property for renovation and resale. While that does not seem all that long ago, the New Orleans market has drastically changed since that time. Hurricane Katrina turned everything upside down for several years, and more recently the national real estate crisis has had a residual effect on our local market. Fortunately, New Orleans is a unique city and also has a strong rental base, making it a resilient market and still a great place for real estate investment. Despite the massive rebuilding after Katrina, there remains an abundance of rehab properties in areas that are still recovering and neighborhoods that are on the rebound. We see this as a prime buying opportunity.


Being active investors in the greater New Orleans market ourselves, we know the types of services, experience levels, and market knowledge that investors need to see in order to make smart purchasing decisions. That said, there are simply more properties suitable for profitable rehab than we can handle alone. Johnson Property Solutions has recently redoubled its efforts to locate investment grade property at attractive prices and has made the decision to focus much more of our time in locating these deals to pass on to our real estate partners.

Properties which provide monthly cash flow to individual investors are the backbone for wealth building portfolios. By concentrating on the fundamentals of real estate investing and also the fundamentals of great customer service, Johnson Property Solutions hopes to offer a true turn-key option for real estate investing in New Orleans.

Johnson Property Solutions provides the following services:

• Professional state certified residential Real Estate appraisals from the very simple to the very complex, including properties with up to four units

• Locating highly discounted properties with good cash flow potential

• Assistance in locating financing sources

• Johnson Property Solutions can supervise and manage all home rehabbing services

• Full summary appraisals and scope of rehab work completed on every property

• Marketing of all properties for rent or resale

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